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Chain Service Info ♡

If your necklace has broken, for whatever reason, please contact us directly! Please do NOT go to a jeweller. Most jewellery shops or chain services are for "solid gold" pieces. Many jewellers do not know how to work with gold fill. Gold fill is NOT the same as "solid" gold as it is made by bonding two sheets of gold onto a core. Therefore, our chains are not meant to be soldered back together. While the links on our chains are soldered when it is created, it is NOT meant to be re-soldered back together. Most jewellers may attempt to re-solder gold fill back together, and this actually damages the rest of the chain and your necklace will continue to break over, and over again. Our chains, both gold fill and sterling, are not meant to be soldered back together. 

When your chain breaks, or is pulled on, the links will stretch out before breaking, as the links are welded shut, so they will try to hold on for as long as possible before the metal actually breaks, so it stretches or warps instead of snap. But if it's pulled hard enough or caught, will snap. 

Therefore, a breakage on a chain may often compromise the integrity of the chain as a whole. If it has been snagged, or pulled on with excessive force by accident, the entire chain will be pulled. (As mentioned above, the links will hold on as tight as they can before the metal actually breaks). 

For this reason, in most cases, we recommend that the entire chain is replaced. Either by your jeweller, or by us. (Often times we replace chains at a discounted rate, or complimentary, depending on what the break looks like, how it broke, and how long you've had your necklace for). Please contact us directly so that we can help you get your necklace back to new! 

Please do not take your handmade necklace to a shop to get fixed, as it may become potentially damaged in the process!