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For Gold Filled Necklaces, care is easy and minimal! You can wear it every day without worrying about flaking, peeling or tarnishing! Avoid exposure to humidity and moisture. They're perfect as an every-day necklace without worrying!

Keep out of contact with harsh chemicals and products. When you are not wearing it, please do not store it in the box that it came with. A dry, airtight zippier bag will work to protect your piece from the humidity and acidity in the air! To clean, just rinse under water! Do not rub, as accumulated dirt can cause scratches. Pat dry with non-abrasive cloth. 

Gold fill is made by permanently bonding sheets of solid, real 14k gold onto a core through the use of heat and pressure! It is not the same as "solid" gold so it needs to be treated with love. 

Don't be afraid to wear it every day though! It is meant to be loved and worn every day. The gold will never peel, flake or wear off unless you take a knife to it. It will last for years and years with love and care! A lot of antique jewellery that has been passed down is made out of Gold Fill! 

For Sterling Silver, please see here!