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Celebrate The Little Things In Life With Custom Jewelry From Mint & Birch

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to become absolutely consumed by the culmination of all the things that you have going on in your life. We often end up judging our happiness by if we can attain a goal, and over time, the goals become larger and harder to attain.

When you were a kid, you could consider it a good day when you found a dandelion that you liked. Now, you have to get that project submitted at work by a certain date, otherwise, you won't be happy with yourself. So instead of just being happy, you end up almost being miserable until the project is done, and only then you can be happy.

Here at Mint & Birch, we want you to break free of the stigma that little things aren't worth being celebrated. Not only will celebrating the little things make you feel better, it’s also more fun.

Why You Should Celebrate The Small Things

Celebrating the small things is arguably the easiest way to improve your overall mood by putting in minimal work. We seriously can take a lesson from toddlers (something that you probably don't hear often) because it takes the littlest of things to make them happy. Granted, toddlers can also be made terribly sad by the smallest of things,  but we won't worry about that as emotionally stable adults. Whenever you accomplish something, no matter how small, you should congratulate yourself.

Set small steps towards a big goal, and when you reach that goal, reward yourself. Personally, we  here at Mint & Birch, think that you should treat yourself to something symbolic, like a personalized silver bar necklace inscribed with the date that you decided to be happy and change your outlook on life.

Treat Yourself With Mint & Birch

When it comes to treating yourself, there may be no better way than to buy yourself some stylish jewelry. Coincidentally, we sell stylish jewelry like simple bar necklaces and gold bar nameplate necklaces. The trickiest thing will be deciding if you like the personalized gold bar necklace or the personalized silver bar necklace, or if you want both.

What Should You Put On Your Bar Jewelry

Now that you have decided to treat yourself with a customized bar necklace, we think it is important that you pick something meaningful to have stamped on your bar necklace. One of the most popular jewelry styles right now is GPS coordinate jewelry, but if you want something else inscribed on your bar jewelry that is not a problem. Names and dates are an excellent way to commemorate a trip, a loved one that has passed. The options are simply endless, but the only important thing is that you like it, and it means something to you.

For information on all of the customizable options for your bar jewelry like font, sizing, and word fit click here. Once you decide what meaningful or fun inscription that you want, be sure to let us know, and we will create it and ship it to you.

If you have any questions about our customizable bar necklaces, please don't hesitate to contact us. And remember to celebrate the small things!