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Each bar starts off as a sheet of precious metal...

July 16, 2021 1 min read

It's all handcrafted.Each Mint & Birch piece starts out as sheets of precious metal and cut into bars by hand. I file each one to create smooth, sleek lines and they are polished individually using only old fashioned manual hand tools, and no machines. The nostalgia and sentimentality of the Mint & Birch bar necklace can be felt in your hands when you open your Mint box!

The magic is in the process.

Yes! You can wear these pieces every day without worry of flaking, peeling or tarnish!

You can see part of the process here

I personally file, drill and polish each one with my own hands. I only use ethically sourced gold fill and solid sterling silver sheets sourced from North American mills. Using hand tools allows me to have a greater degree of control and precision over the piece to ensure that edges are beautifully smooth and that no damage occurs when finishing the piece into shiny necklaces! I do not use a tumbler, in which several pieces are put into a rotating canister with abrasives or steel pins to quickly smooth batches of pieces, causing micro scratches and unnecessary wear. Instead, I believe in good old-fashioned hard work done with elbow grease! Your bar necklace will not flake and you can wear it daily! The combination of high quality materials and my unique process of finishing the bars results in pieces that will last for years to come. I strive to offer my best, offering customizations not found elsewhere, such as the original hand lettered pieces.