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January 24, 2017 2 min read

I’d love to introduce my newest obsession: my Lily Jade diaper bag. When I became a mama, one of the things I dreaded was to have to carry around a diaper bag that looked painfully obvious like a diaper bag. You know, one of those generic black nylon ones, with bottle holders all along the side. I’ve purchased my fair share of non-mom diaper bags but they have not been able to withstand the abuse that diaper bags take on a daily basis. Eventually, I gave up and started using plastic bags as a means of transporting all my baby gear. That’s how exasperated I was.

Lily Jade’s diaper bag is definitely revolutionary for me for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. But the inside sure functions like a diaper bag. It’s got a great insert that helps you separate your baby’s clothes from baby food. I am usually carrying clothes and gear for all 3 of my kids, so it’s essential for me to keep things organized.

The best part about this diaper bag is that it’s made out of leather. Soft, luscious and beautiful full grain leather! It feels like a high end, luxurious purse and sometimes that’s exactly what this mama needs as a pick-me up on days that I’ve been spat up on 20 times.

Would you like one too? Good news! I’m teaming up with Lily Jade to do a giveaway for a diaper bag and some pretty jewellery from Mint & Birch!  Stay tuned and follow along on our Instagram feeds as the giveaway will be up sometime in the next week or so!


C R E D I T S :

Photos: Tamara Clark Photography (@tamara.m.clark)
Diaper Bag: Lily Jade (@lilyjadeco)
Juliette’s Jeans: Tattrd Threads (@tattrdthreads)
Jewelry: Mint & Birch (@mintandbirch)
Juliette’s Bonnet: Addi and Zoey (@addiandzoey)
Juliette’s Toque: Whistle and Flute (@whistleandflute)

This post was done by me, and all opinions are mine. This was a voluntary blog post and I received the bag to do a giveaway.