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About Jess & Angel

A B O U T  A N G E L  &  J E S S I C A : 

Our love story began as we were both emerging from our dark caves of healing. Both of us had particularly struggled with our mental health in 2021 and were asking our wounded selves the deeply haunting question: "Who am I?"

Through resilience and courage, we learned about the inherent worth that we carried. Our drive to live to the fullest passionately drove us chasing joy and light. Slowly, we each came out of our caves and opened our eyes to that light...only to find out that we are not alone in our stories: Two neurodivergent, Asian women who were learning to mother themselves while discovering who it is that we were always meant to be. 

Jessica and Angel met serendipitously through a mom-group on facebook after we both discovered our mutual love for knitting and yarn. Yes, corny, but we love it. A beautiful friendship and sisterhood emerged, and now we embark on another journey together to bring our endless ideas and dreams to fruition. (Stay tuned for our future dreams!) 

According to Angel, Jessica is the "mint" - adds interest, flavour and keeps things interesting. Angel is the "birch" - tough, grounded and unwavering. Basically, Jess is the one that gets the duo into trouble and Angel is the one to save us both after Jess has co-opted her into her shenanigans. Together we balance each other beautifully all the while holding dear shared values and truths.

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As best friends, Angel and Jess inspire one another to be creative, while occasionally participating in shenannigans. We are also known for sharing cake and food.  As chosen sisters, Angel (Jei Jei) and Jess (Mui Mui) hold space for one another in our daily lives not just in our present day, but for the inner child in both of us. And now, as partners, we get to dream and create together.