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Service: Chain Adjustments, or Repairs

Do you need a chain service, repair or adjustment? Need something polished up? Please fill out this form before sending your necklace back. It helps us organize your request! 

In addition to the repair or adjustment service, we will re-polish and clean your necklace. It'll come back to you super shiny!

Why do we charge for this service? The chains that we source are 14k gold fill, or sterling silver. These are precious metals, which are associated with value and simultaneously, a small cost. The fee for repairs covers material, and a small percentage covers our time to service and polish.  All chains links are soldered (welded) for durability. As with any dainty jewelry, it will break if pulled on hard enough.We would see that the chain has been warped or stretched if it has been pulled on. This indicates that the chain links held on as tightly as they could, and stretched with the pressure of the pull before finally snapping. This does not indicate a defective chain - it means it has been pulled on either with enough strength or just the right angle to break. However, If you believe your chain was defective, please contact us  directly for assistance, with a photo.

Select Service Options:

  • If your chain is broken, and you need a new chain, please select "replace my chain."
  • If your clasp need service, please select "replace my clasp."
  • If your chain is too longand you want us to shorten your existing chain, select "shorten my chain."
  • If your chain is too short, please select one of the following:
    • "Replace my chain" and pick the new desired length
    • "Add a small length of chain into my existing chain" Adding a piece of chain into the chain means that we will add a length of chain into your current existing chain. Your existing chain must not broken if you want us to add on because your chain will still be part of the necklace. A 1-2 inch section means a total of 2 inch section will be added with a ring in the middle to make it adjustable to 1-2 inches, and so forth.

Chain length is measured with the necklace opened, necklace laid flat out on a table and measured from clasp end to ring end.

Then, Simply return to the address linked here. Please see the instructions tab on this page for address and tips on how to send it to us to service! The shipping you pay for at check out is for us to send it back to you after your chain is serviced.  

If you choose to simply have the chain sent to you (if it is a drop pendant necklace) instead of sending the pendant to me to put on a new chain, please enable me to let me know in advance, or I will wait for your pendant to arrive before sending anything. The reason this service is offered is because the ring at the end of the pendant will have to be opened in order for the pendant to be slipped on, and because I generally repolish pieces that are sent back for service. 

If you are selecting a chain replacement or repair, please ensure you select the chain length you would like. We will make the length of the chain the size that has been specified by the drop down menu. We am unable to guess or estimate the size you may have had prior. If you would like me to try to find previous order details, please contact us first. Please see this guidehere for sizing.