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PROOF: Hand Lettered Necklace

This listing is a hand-lettered proof! Jessica will personally hand letter and script something in a modernized calligraphy script, with a pencil in hand just for you. 

We will email your proof back within 5 business days, often the same day if we am able to! Once we send your proof back, you can pick your favourite design.

Please request the following options for each word or name. These are not fonts, but Jessica's writing with a pencil! 

Scripted (default)
Printed (I will use lower/uppercase as you type it, ie: JANE, Jane or jane, so please specify!)
Printed with a whimsical mixture of upper/lowers (see images for samples)
Mix the options above for each name or word 

Please check the notes about pendant shapes and suggestions on how to pick a proof. 

Please note that I spend a lot of time and love on each proof. While I charge for a small portion of time that goes into the proof, your time as well as mine is priceless. Please do not request a proof unless you intend on ordering a hand lettered piece. 

Please be specific in your request! Want hearts? Ampersands? Are the names first and middle names, or different people? Please give me as much info as you can! Depending on your request, you will either get variations of 4 of the same designs or a couple of different options. You can also pick from the drawings that I have already done in the photos below! Please note that this proof are only for words and not custom drawings.

You may request a simple custom drawing with your names or words, but they may not be guaranteed - if I am inspired in the moment, I will draw something special for you!  If you would like a custom piece that requires more custom drawing work, please contact me first. 

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