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Received a proof and want minor things adjusted or tweaked to your liking? I can do that! Of course, if I made an error on your original proof I will cover the cost. However, if there was something you need changed or added that was not requested in your original request, you may use this listing to request them 😊 

Important: Proof adjustments are for minor or small changes and switches. For example, adding hearts, capitalizing, swapping names from different proofs on bars. If you are wanting new designs, different fonts, a new proof has to be ordered. This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. However, if you’re wanting more options or different designs (not just tweaks), a new proof will have to be requested.

Please note that this proof adjustment covers for the time to edit and re-adjust your proof as desired.

  • Please use the drop down menu to indicate how many changes on the proof you need made. 

  • Please write in the notes at check out what you’d like changed! For example: 
- On #1, please capitalize the letter B 
- On Proof C, please substitute the & for a heart between the names 




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