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The Mint & Birch Claspie

Say hello to the Mint & Birch Claspie! This is something that Jessica came up with as she struggled to keep her necklaces untangled when she wore them together. Because of the way that we are constantly moving our bodies and due to gravity, our necklaces inevitably move, shift, twist and dance on our necks!

This is a Mint & Birch contraption and invention. To view how it works, please see the video posted on Instagram at @mintandbirch! 

Comes in 3 different metal options: Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold Fill and 14k Yellow Gold Fill. Features streamlined clasps that is super easy to attach. This piece is also interchangeable with other Mint & Birch necklaces and simply clips onto the necklaces that you want to layer together. At this time, it is for layering 2 necklaces. More versions will come in the future with 3 necklace layer options.

While it will not completely prevent ALL twisting due to gravity and that we are always moving our bodies. You may still need to run your hand across the chain for the tangles, but the Claspie will reduce a lot of this. What the Claspie DOES is help reduce the tangles and shifting that happens when you wear multiple necklaces together. (You know, when your necklace sits on your neck like a hula hoop and your bar necklace is knotted with a disc, 😂).  If they do get twisted, they will be much easier to undo and will tremendously help to prevent knots and tangles. The Claspie will also prevent the necklace from sliding around your neck like a hula hoop! Please note, that for adjustable goddess necklaces, it only works to sit evenly when the goddess necklace is clipped at the largest length so it sits evenly.

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