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3 Pieces of Jewelry You’re Sure to Love

3 pieces of jewelry you're sure to love

“Buy it nice or buy it twice.” It’s a phrase you may have heard before. Generally speaking, you’ll hear people say it when you’re considering buying a piece of furniture or a nice piece of clothing. It’s good advice too! Not only will it save you money in the long run when you buy an expensive piece because you’ll never have to buy another to replace it, but you also get exactly what you wanted in the first place. In other words, buy once, cry once.

That’s a big part of the reason why we use only the highest quality components for each and every piece that comes out of the Mint and Birch shop. As you might be aware, the jewelry you purchase from us--whether it’s a personalized necklace or one of our Forever Mama pieces--starts out as a large sheet of extra thick, premium, high quality, 14k gold fill or sterling silver from reputable mills in North America. We also use quality hand tools to add the stamps and professional materials to do final polishing.

High Quality at Every Turn

In short, we care about our products and we’re making them to stand the test of time. We would love nothing more than for you to be able to hand your jewelry down to your kids someday. It’s with that in mind that we make each and every one of our products. We don’t use gold plated materials to cut costs; instead, we use heavy gold fill that won’t wear off or tarnish with time.

Each piece is also filed by hand to remove any sharp edges, ensuring that the final product that makes its way into your hands is a beautiful handmade work of art that you will enjoy for decades to come. At Mint and Birch, we care about our products and we believe that it shows. The end result is a long-lasting piece, sourced from ethically responsible suppliers that will put a smile on your face.

3 Pieces You Have to See

Forever Mama Triangle Pendant Necklace

This one’s for all of the mamas out there. You can read up on the personal background behind Forever Mama™here, but the long and short of it is that every piece in the Forever Mama collection was designed to celebrate and honour motherhood in all of its forms. It’s an eternal role that requires eternal, unconditional love, making it a great gift for the mom in your life or an awesome present to yourself because you’re the mama bear in your household.

Custom Brass Bracelet

A new addition to our collection, our custom brass bracelets are the perfect way to express yourself. Each and every person is unique and we all have a unique style that helps to define us and make us who we are. Whether you want to add the names of your kids, a specific date that’s important to you, or a few words that bring you peace and calm, a bracelet is always close by and easily visible to remind you about your favorite things in life. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Round Succulent Necklace

Sometimes you just want to wear something cute and quirky. If that’s what you’re looking for, this round succulent necklace has it in spades! You won’t see anything quite like this anywhere else and you can take your pick from 14k rose gold or 14k yellow gold and ensure that you get exactly what suits you best. Whether you’re a plant lady with a green thumb or you’re just trying your best to keep the plants you do have alive, this necklace is sure to put a smile on your face every time you wear it.

Take a Look at Our Entire Collection

Perhaps you have absolutely fallen in love with one of the pieces we mentioned above. That’s great! Maybe you’d like to take a look atour entire collection and see what else we have to offer. Either way, we think you’ll be able to find something that perfectly suits your own unique style. Whether it’s a personalized necklace with a few initials or the addition of your own custom coordinates, having your own unique piece of jewelry is always a hoot.

Of course you can also follow along with us onTwitter, give us a like onFacebook, or see what we’ve been up to over on ourInstagram. However you choose to interact with us, feel free to tag us when you get your jewelry because we love seeing how people wear the items they get from Mint and Birch. It puts a smile on our faces every single time and that’s what it’s all about. Place your order today and let us know if it puts a smile on yours as well!