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A note from the Founder-Owner

"Hire! Outsource! Expand!" 

The three words that were advised to me over and over again as Mint & Birch hit a growth spurt only a few years into existence. While I did temporarily hire help, I chose to keep this business small. I intentionally avoided a production line and kept the core of Mint & Birch true: To celebrate your stories with quality pieces that were made by only 1-2 pair of hands. 

Stubbornly, I burnt myself out. In the Summer of 2023, I was about to put it all to rest as I did not know how else to maintain a balance between my work and my mental health. 

Until my best friend, Angel, asked if she could lend me a pair of hands.
Unknowingly, she put herself in a precarious situation LOL. I told Angel I would never hire help again as I would still have to carry it all on my own, and I was too tired to manage. 

Instead, I proposed some kind of partnership. I told her what would *really* help is if I had a partner in crime, someone by my side who I could trust to tell my trade secrets to, a trusted comrade that would be willing to take on the sacred role of storytelling through jewellery. 

I could tell I sort of took Angel by surprise. Angel responded: "A clone!" While Angel and I are very different and individual people, we are also very similar and share core values. She's the one that gets us out of trouble, and I'm the one that gets us INTO trouble, as evidenced here, I have gotten her into this trouble. 😉 

We are alike in our neurodivergence, commitment to the handmade process, passionate drive, and attention to detail. We both savour the slow, meaningful experiences of handmade. In fact, we are both avid knitters and spinners. Most of all, we are alike in our keenness to connect. These attributes are what keeps the Mint & Birch beating. 

Without further ado, we present ourselves as the co-owners of Mint & Birch. A pair of best friends, unbiological sisters, chosen family, and makers united. We cannot wait to make Mint & Birch even better to celebrate your stories.  

What will stay the same or change?
What stays the same is what Mint & Birch was founded on: Meticulously, carefully and heartfully made quality pieces to celebrate your story. You will know that your pieces have only passed mine and Angel's hands. We will not have a production line or a team of makers. Everything will be inspected, made, crafted and fawned over by both of us. Now, we're better because we make an exceptional team! Instead of one set of eyes to look over our work and one pair of eyes to perfect each piece, we now have two of each!

What will change?
This is the exciting part. Potentially, turnaround time will be reduced because instead of 2 hands, we now have 4. This is not a promise nor is it our priority to "make things faster." 

As an active part of the fibre community, we may allow our creative juices to fill into that niche category, offering special stitch markers and notions. Stay tuned 😉 

As co-owner, Angel will also be chatting, and holding space for you through correspondence. Extra love will now be poured into your pieces! 

In logistical terms, it won't be much different than when Jessica had Rhiannon working for her. Except, this time we are a duo of Asian women who are seeking to break down the minority myth as not just as co-owners, but firstly as dreamers, to live purposefully, intentionally while creating community. 💞